Pure Camel Khaddar Dress For Winter

2,190 1,890


Pure Camel Khaddar Dress For Winter

2,190 1,890

Camel color is known as the natural color made in khaddar. This dress will provide an eye-catching look during this winter season 2020. A dark colored waist coat will add more glamour in your look.

Bright and dark shades, strong and guaranteed colors, yes – KK’s winter collection 2020 has been launched. With Double TaanaBaana, we created this spider-web fabric to give you and your skin a comfortable and warm feeling.

This beautiful and latest winter collection is absolutely perfect for a chic style statement for the shalwar kameez lovers. You open your closet to pick your outfit for the day and your mood immediately brightens when you catch sight of these dark and bright shades from our Kamalia Khaddar’s winter GOLI collection 2020.

Finding the original Kamalia Khaddar is not an easy tak unless or until you are visiting our official website or Facebook Page. You cannot find these exclusive Kamalia Khaddar dresses from anywhere because its our exclusive product. Beware from fake pages or websites who sale replica or fake products by showing our pics and using our name.

Code: wg-403
Color: Pure Camel

Kamalia Khaddar Winter Collection 2018-19 Double Goli Fabric

Quality: Khadi Double Goli 40×40 TaanaBaana Extra Thick Quality For Cool Winter Season

  • Standard Cutting: Length 7 yards, Width 1 yards
  • Call – Text – WhatsApp us at 0300/0311-4915755


=> 1 Suit = Rs. 1890
=> 3 Suits =Rs. 5400 (Rs.1800 per suit)
=> 6 Suits =Rs. 10,200 (Rs.1700 per suit)
=> 10 Suits=Rs. 16,000 (Rs.1600 per suit)


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