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Find here the most-reliable fabric of sub-continent like Kamalia Royal Khaddar, Goli Khaddar, etc.

Who doesn’t know Kamalia Khaddar? Many of us already know about the combination of Khadi (a manual hand machine of weaving) and Charkha (a spinning wheel).

Khaddar, handspun, hand-woven natural fiber cloth. Ansari Brothers have history to weave the versatile fabric like Royal Khaddar which is cool in summer and warm in winter. Kamalia, now located near Tobah Tek Singh, Pujab, Pakistan got fame as it became the hub to manufacture the spider’s web.

Though, hand-spinning and hand-weaving have been known to Indians for thousands of years but our grand parents started produce cloth hand-woven cloth to free our people from the clothes that the British were selling to them at extremely high prices.

Kamalia Khaddar’s camel suit is perfect for this season to beat the heat.

You can find the best and royal Kamalia Khaddar at our online store www.kamaliakhaddar.net or by ordering at our official Facebook page here. just go back to page and wear the most versatile fabric of the history.

Kamalia Khaddar by Ansari Brothers

We, at Ansari Khaddar House, are producing Khaddar Royal Collection before the partition of India when political leaders of sub-continent called for the boycott of foreign cloth. Then, ‘khaddar’ or ‘Khadi’ movement was started to promote local weavers.

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